A robust system of

Data Security

We strengthen your right to privacy, with our technological capabilities that ensure compliance obligations upgraded from time-to-time.

Data Security

Securely Protect your
data with us.

Your data is securely stored in our multiple layers of robust systems. With restrictive access controls, your data access is always safeguarded.

Virtual Private Cloud

We use dedicated VPCs with custom firewalls to protect our servers from any external access.

Spam Protection
Malware & Spam Protection

All our servers are automatically updated with latest security patches to protect against latest threat signatures

Access Controls
Access Controls

Access to servers are severely restricted by using IAM role based access with end to end audit trails.

Data Encryption
Data Encryption

Data is encrypted using HTTPS with TLS 1.2 in Transit and AES 256 bit encryption at Rest.

Presenting a Secure
Product Build

Right from design, security and scalability are two principal aspects in our product. With our roadmap more focussed on security, it will only excel with every release.

Product Roadmap
Product Roadmap

Our Product Roadmap is designed with focus on Security, Scalability. We follow Agile Sprints to bring the timely releases to our users.

Version Control

Robust Version Control System (VCS) is in place to restrict access based on team roles and all code changes are monitored and recorded.

Code Review
Code Review

All changes are reviewed and approved by multiple team members before it’s released to the Quality Assurance team.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

New releases undergo multiple QA testing cycles apart from Dev testing cycles, to ensure that no bugs are making it through to you.

Highly Resilient Architecture

The architecture is designed to ensure high availability, high scalability for the product to support your growth with us.

AWS Logo

Our secure hosting partner

Secure Containers

All modules are run in separate, secure individual containers for every request, to ensure that there is no downtime due to high traffic.

Content Distribution

Servers are distributed through our secure Content Distribution Network (CDN), to support accessibility of data from anywhere in the globe with high availability.

Load Balancing

All requests are handled individually in separate auto scalable containers, to support split second response times even during the peak usage hours.

Capacity Management
Capacity Management

All servers are monitored for resource consumptions with auto scaling enabled beyond the configured thresholds. This ensures that we are always ready for your growth with us.

Data Backup

Data backup snapshots are taken every day and retained for the last 10 days to support data recovery.