Field CRM

A seamless automation of sales-functions and real-time information from the work-field, makes the Field CRM a must for your workforce and you.

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What makes our Field CRM special?

Dealing with field operations are not a headache anymore. Field CRM has many built in features that truly makes it stand out among most other mobile based CRMs out there.

Live Location Tracking

Live & Event-based
Location Tracking

An inclusive mobile solution, Field CRM lets you have real-time and event-based updates from the work-field. We enable you to know who of your staff is doing what, where and when.

Real-time Knowledge of
Sales Opportunities

You keep a tab on every sales-opportunity happening in the field. Sales-managers can make access to staff-assignments, schedules, sales-reports, deals and projects to keep themselves continually informed with the goings-on about current and impending businesses.

Realtime Knowledge of Sales Opportunities

Notification of
Important Tasks

You can convey important tasks to your staff and guide them on the go to make a lead-conversion or close a deal.

Performance Monitoring

Our unified platform helps sales-managers to make a real-time access to staff performance to provide the useful insights to them to close the deals or stop them from going awry.

Realtime Performance Monitoring
Database Management

Database Management

We keep your sales-team constantly armed, even on the road, with the complete individual data of various customers.

E-mails and SMS for
Multi-channel Communication

Instantaneous SMSes and E-mails help your sales-managers big-time to communicate task-scheduling, to-do lists and urgent posts to the sales-team.

Email, SMS Communication
Automated Lead Allocation

Lead Allocation

Automated distribution of leads to your sales-staff brings in smooth collaboration and better efficiency in your sales-processes.

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